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Wet wipes tub
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R&D Capacities

Independently develop all kinds of hard packaging for wipes and packaging for FMCG;

Manufacturing Capability

Reduce production cost and improve production efficiency: adopt full set of Germany imported equipment;
Improve product quality and reduce quality risk: the raw materials, production process and finished products can meet the requirements of FDA, GMP, HACCP, ISO and QS;
Production capacity: 500 million flip-top packages and 100 million sets of boxes very year.

Team Advantage

Over 60% of employees possess college degree or above;
R&D personnel: 41%; quality personnel: 12%; technician: 16%;
The number of practitioners who work in related industries for over 10 years accounted for 15%

About TGP

    TGP is dedicated to creating the first smart factory of wipes hard-plasticity packaging products in China. Located in Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai, its factory covers an area of 30,000 square meters and possesses about 100 employees, the scale of which is second to none in the industry. The smart factory of TGP mainly includes German fully-automatic injection molding line, fully-automatic IML production line, fully automatic two-color injection molding line in the cleanroom, as well as the fully automatic centralized feeding system, adaptive temperature control cooling system and ERP management system. It has basically realized the mode of unmanned production workshop, which has not only improved the production efficiency, but also ensured high-level sanitary conditions and uniform product quality. 



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